Walworth Society News, Activities and Events (w/c 6 April)

Updated: Sep 29

1. Walworth Society Virtual Meeting/Discussion. 

Don't Forget this Thursday, 9th April, at 7 pm Walworth Society themed meeting/discussion on Zoom.

Time: Apr 9, 2020 07:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 404 477 035

The meeting will be led by local historian Neil Crossfield who writes...

Black Death, Cholera and two World Wars! For most of us, the situation we are in now is unique. Few of us have faced such a major health risk or have experienced quarantine in our own homes. But this is not the first time our great city has faced such a threat and it probably won’t be the last. 

Our opening discussion will look at some of the times London and its inhabitants have faced challenges to the health and welfare of its people. We will look at look how Londoners coped with The Black Death, The Plague, Cholera epidemics, and the 1918 Flu epidemic. We will learn how London dealt with the prospect of attack by enemy action during the two World Wars and from environmental threats. 

Insights into how London has survived these great calamities will help inform how we face our own difficult times with the knowledge that we will get through it. No prior knowledge or particular interest in history is required to participate in this discussion, please feel free to join us. It might be fun and you might just learn something new!

2. Covid-19 Diaries

A message from Neil Crossfield: ‘When trying to research historical events, there is often a paucity of accounts from ordinary people.  It’s easy to find government statistical reports, state organised surveys like the Mass Observation Project in the Second World War, and even local newspaper reports. However, these can be limited and problematic for the historian. 

My idea is that we, the Walworth Society, organise the collection of individual stories from people in Walworth during this pandemic. The types of information we could look for are personal stories of self-isolation, social media photos of people queueing outside Walworth shops, or out on the street clapping NHS workers. Children could perhaps write about home schooling and possibly send work into school as well.  The poets amongst us could pen a few stanzas.  We could collect stories about the positives (people helping each other) and the negatives (increased racism/ xenophobia. punch ups over loo rolls?). The possibilities seem endless. 

All people need is a sheet of paper and a pencil or a computer, iPhone or whatever. This would be difficult to arrange in normal times, but let’s face it, many people will be just be sitting at home watching Netflix and might welcome the chance to put pen to paper and get creative.’  

More from the Walworth Society on this in the coming weeks, meanwhile get those diaries going.

3. Walworth Book Club - 15th April

Weds 15th April, 8pm - Camberwell author Mark Baxter will be in conversation about his book "The Mumper" that was made into the 2012 film, "Outside Bet".  Actor and Musician Charlie Carter, recently seen in the 35th anniversary East Enders special episodes, will be hosting the Q&A.  

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Meeting ID: 486 601 321

4. The Walworth Rainbow.

The Walworth Rainbow is ready for you, or any children you may know, to colour in and place in your window to cheer up Walworth in these difficult times. For the (A4) pdf just click here .

5. Free Online Films 

Kanopy, an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries and universities that offers films and documentaries, is offering free film streaming for library card holders in participating boroughs. Southwark is one of them. Go to www.kanopy.com, choose your borough, enter your library card number (starting with the P but without the initial 'SK') and then sign up with your email address and a chosen password. That's it. You can have 6 films a month and there is a children's section.


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