Walworth Society - News and Activities during Covid Crisis

1. Meetings cancelled. Below is a list of the meetings that were planned that have now been cancelled owing to Coronavirus concerns.

  1. Walworth Society meeting Thursday 2nd April.

  2. Book launch of the Life of Jimmy Butterworth, The Temple of Youth, Jimmy Butterworth and Clubland, that was scheduled for Saturday 21st March at Walworth Methodist Church, Clubland.

  3. Empowering Communities - Newington Ward Forum Meeting. Saturday 28th March 2020 at Jack Hobbs Community Centre. Supporting Young People in Newington.

  4. The Walworth Town Hall Consultation planned for Friday and Saturday 20th and 21st March. Please see below for information about alternative arrangements for the consultation.

2. Walworth Town Hall Redevelopment Consultation - Alternative Arrangements. To see the plans from General Projects and comment click here. We understand that this goes fully live at lunchtime on Friday 20th March.

3. Draft Walworth Social Regeneration Charter. Southwark Council has been developing Social Regeneration Charters for all of the different parts of the borough. The draft charter for the Walworth area will be discussed at the Southwark Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 24th March and has been published in the papers ahead of that meeting: http://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/mgAi.aspx?id=56429&LLL=0 The report accompanying the draft Walworth charter can be seen at: http://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/documents/s88185/Report%20Walworth%20Social%20Regeneration%20Charter.pdf and the draft Walworth charter appears at: http://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/documents/s88186/Appendix%201%20Walworth%20SRC.pdf If/once approved by Cabinet, this will go forward for public consultation.

4. PlaneHell – Update from Bridget Bell of Plane Hell Action (PHA)

Airport Expansion in London. There is news that the proposed expansion plans at both Heathrow here and London City here have stalled and PHA would like to highlight the community team effort which has brought this about and the increasing support from cross-party politicians and SE London MPs, notably Janet Daby MP Lewisham East, Ellie Reeves MP Lewisham West & Penge who have both spoken in Parliament recently, with others working more discretely. 

SE London campaign group Plane Hell Action SE has played no small part. While we feel that it is good news for Londoners that expansion has been halted PHA  believes that it is important to highlight where pressure needs to be kept up:

  1. BAN lifting cap on flights; for Londoners this means NO to Heathrow or London City requesting more flights.

  2. PHASE flight paths and reverse the increasing concentration in any form: NO to Independent Parallel Approaches and NO to Performance Based Navigation – satnav for planes.

  3. BAN flights between 10pm and 7am except in emergency: an end to sleep deprivation.

  4. Update SoNA, Government's flawed noise metric which forces so many to endure plane noise at levels and times of night and day and out of step with WHO recommendations.

  5. End policy of flight paths to more than one airport operating over the same communities.

  6. Fairly SHARE pollution caused by plane noise and emissions across communities.

For more details see: https://planehellaction.org.uk/


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