Walworth Society - May 2019 Meeting & Other News

Updated: May 16, 2019

1. Walworth Society Monthly Meeting – Thursday 9th May 2019 at 7pm. The meeting will be held at the former Newington Library 155 Walworth Road, SE17 1RS.

Please find the notes from the meeting below.


Our next meeting is on Thursday 6th June 7pm.

2. Pasley Park Fete - Sat 29th June.

3. Walworth Community Garden Show at the Pasley Park Fete.

4. Walworth History Festival 2019 - Dear Walworth Book Club.

5. Walworth Community Gardening Network. Lots of news from the Walworth CGN. For full details of training opportunities and how to get involved in the WCGN Steering Group go to:


A. Details of the WCGN Chelsea Fringe sound walk - Walworth Community Garden Sound Walk, Wednesday 22nd May.

Sounds are often connected to feelings and memories.  Take an hour or so to walk with the Walworth Community Garden Network through some of the community gardens and green spaces of Walworth.

Listening to the sounds around you, artist Jane Scobie will lead the walk and produce a soundscape to share on the Chelsea Fringe website. 6 pm Assemble at Walworth Garden (206 Manor Place SE17 3BN) for tea and talk6.15 pm set off from Walworth Garden to:Alberta Fruit CommonsPeacock St OrchardNewington GreenPullens Planters & Kids' Wildlife GardenIliffe YardPullens GardensFinishes with refreshments in the Pullens Centre (184 Crampton St, SE17 3AE).

B. Walworth Community Gardening Show.

Don't forget to get growing for the Walworth Community Garden Shows! The summer show is on Saturday 29th June and is part of the Pasley Park Summer Fete. There will be plenty of prizes for best veg/fruit/flower in show; best herb or salad bunch; best hat made of veg/fruit/flowers; best garden photo.

There will also be Gardeners Question Time, and demonstrations from Walworth Garden on how to 'promote wildlife, strive to save precious resources and maintain a beautiful garden while all the time working with nature'.

The autumn show will be on Saturday 28th September, and like last year will be part of the Nursery Row Park Autumn Fayre.

C. Southwark Council CGS Funded - Efficient Sustainable Watering Project

Our watering project is underway. The aim is to help community gardens tackle the increasingly burdensome task of watering over the long dry summers - and to do this in a way that helps conserve water, is sustainable, and is beneficial to the environment.

We have a grant from Southwark Council to install water collecting, water saving and irrigating equipment in community gardens to improve water management. We aim to evaluate the effectiveness of the kit and put together a guide to best practice.

As part of the project we will carry out an expert onsite survey to provide advice specific to your community garden on water management, soil care and appropriate planting; and discuss with you what equipment would be best for you to trial.

We want to get going with the initial surveys as soon as possible, not least so that we can start trialling equipment this summer. The first step is for you to agree to be part of the project and provide a few details on the current set up at your community garden, allotment, or school garden club. You do this simply by completing the online survey here:


Any questions or problems contact me at vincebrown@walworthcgn.co.uk or 07401 552 139.

This project is funded by Southwark Council Cleaner Greener Safer:

The Walworth CGN is supported and funded by the United St Saviour's Charity:

6. Two Forthcoming Gardening & Growing Events


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