Walworth HAZ - Introduction

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

(Feb18) Walworth HAZ

An introduction:

We are delighted that Walworth has been designated as Inner London's first Heritage Action Zone and we are grateful to the work of the Southwark Council Officers and Councillors who put our area forward to Historic England and worked really hard to press the case for it amongst lots of interest and competition from across the London boroughs. We are also grateful to a number of partner organisations who worked with Southwark on the bid including the London Southbank University, Creation Trust and the Cuming Museum all of whom will be part of the group of local organisations that will work on the HAZ in the years to come.

The HAZ will consist of a range of projects that look to improve a) the fabric and appearance of historic buildings across Walworth and the Walworth Road Conservation Area in particular, b) help us understand more about the history of the area through research project and c) celebrate this history and help communicate it to a wider audience in Walworth, Southwark and across London. The HAZ is due to last for up to 5 years and we thought it would help to create a section of the website that could summarise what is going on and what is involved.


So to get the ball rolling we have included here:

1) The press release that announces that Walworth has been designated as a HAZ (excerpts below)

2) The final bid that went into Historic England from Southwark Counccil and which was in major part put together by Gillian King the Senior Planner Archaeology at Southwark Council (attached below).

3) A pdf of Gillian's presentation to the Walworth Society at our meeting on 1st Feb 2018 (attached below - cover image below).


1) The Press Release and excerpts from it that describe the HAZ


The five-year Walworth HAZ scheme - run by Southwark Council and Historic England will explore the many stories and layers of history which help make Walworth special and offers exceptional opportunities to work with a wide range of community, educational and business partners to generate local improvements and an appreciation of the area’s historic and cultural character.

The vision of Southwark Council and its partners, made up of community groups, the local university, local historians and archaeologists, as well as the principal developers working in the area, is to rediscover, celebrate and enjoy Walworth as a historic urban village, a civic town, and as a vibrant place of character where people want to live, work and explore.

The scheme is being led by Southwark Council and will help to restore Walworth’s historic character, boost understanding and enjoyment, and create jobs.  The detailed delivery plan for the Heritage Action Zone will now be prepared for delivery from spring 2018 onwards, and will identify any grant-funding to be provided by Historic England.

Cllr Mark Williams, cabinet member for regeneration and new homes at Southwark Council, said:  “We’re delighted that Walworth has been chosen as one of the country’s Heritage Action Zones by Historic England. In Southwark we take our duty as custodians of the borough’s rich, varied and important heritage very seriously.

“We are excited to be part of this national initiative and looking forward to working with the Walworth Society – who have done so much already for the area - and Historic England to ensure that Walworth’s rich cultural character and heritage is protected and celebrated for current and future generations.”

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