Protecting Buildings in Walworth

News of a special session next Saturday 19th October 11am to 1pm at the former Newington Library at 155 Walworth Road at which we will be discussing the protection of the buildings, places and spaces that we love in Walworth as part of the Walworth History Festival 2019.

The session will be run in conjunction with Stephanie Ostrich the Southwark Council Walworth Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) Officer and will feature contributions from Historic England.

The aim is to highlight how to contribute important local information for Historic England listed buildings and how to identify buildings that could be given protection by Southwark Council as part of the "Local List".

Please do come along with ideas and photos (if you have them) about the buildings that you would like to see given greater protection.

Examples of Unlisted Buildings in Walworth (some of them do of course sit in Conservation Areas)

The Red Lion Walworth Road

The Knockholt Cottages Elsted St SE17

1 Flint St SE17

The Royal British Legion Braganza St SE17


Listing is an important part of the HAZ for raising the profile of Walworth's long and diverse history and potentially reducing risk to the historic environment. The Walworth Heritage Action Zone and our partners at Historic England will be running a free workshop as a part of the Walworth History Festival on Saturday 19 Oct, 11am–1pm looking at how we can all contribute to championing Walworth's historic environment, enriching the national list and understanding the opportunities of local listing.

Do you love a local Walworth building, feature or landscape?

The Enriching the List workshop will discuss nationally listed buildings in Walworth and how we can contribute local knowledge to enhance the national heritage record! After the workshop we can put our new skills and knowledge to the test and assess the significance of locally loved buildings —simply bring along a picture of your favourite Walworth place or feature (a digital copy on your phone is fine!).

11.00am Welcome - Jeremy Leach Chair The Walworth Society.11.05am Introduction - National and Local Listing and the Heritage Action Zone - Stephanie Ostrich.11.10am Enriching the List workshop - Gareth Lopes Powell, Historic England.12.00pm Local places we love in Southwark – Stephanie Ostrich.1.00pm Ends.

What could be listed?

Southwark Council has not yet ratified the criteria or process for local listing. However Historic England has provided potential criteria which are used to create local lists around the country. Understanding these will help to best express why a building or place should be considered for listing and what information should be provided to support a nomination. Criteria include: Age and Rarity,Aesthetic value and landmark status, Group value,, Historic, evidential, communal and social values, Archaeological interest and Designed landscaping.

Please do come along, it should be a great event!


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