Walworth Road Post Office Franchsing Consultation - ends 23rd August

After 18 months, the Post Office has finally chosen a potential franchisee for the Walworth Road PO and is holding a 6 week consultation (at the height of the summer holidays!) to get people's thoughts about it. There are of course real concerns about turning the Crown Post Office into a franchise but the PO seem pretty set on that so we are just trying to get a number of points across in response to the consultation.

There are two main ways to get involved:

1) There is a Post Office public consultation event next Thursday 17th August from 4.30pm to 8pm at the Newington Estate Tenants Hall at 77 Canterbury Place SE17 3AD and/or

2) There is an online form that you can fill in to get across any points you wish to make. We have created a short link to the form below and also listed some of the points/concerns that we plan to get across. Please feel free to include these and any others in any response. Please do take a minute to respond - the online consultation closes 23rd August.


Access the online consultation form at:

Points to make might include...

1. That it is vital to retain the Post Office facility in Walworth and on the Walworth Road. Guarantees from the PO are requested that the service will be retained at an appropriate size to meet the significant level of demand that there is for PO services in the Walworth area in the existing building or in another building on the Walworth Road south of Wansey St.


2. A parcel collection facility is needed in the Walworth/SE17 area and there is no more appropriate location for this than in the PO building (especially if the developers of the Crampton St Sorting Office do not give guarantees that a service will be created within the commercial parts of that redevelopment). The current threat to the two services at the same time is extremely damaging to our area and the presence of the facility in Mandela Way is simply not an appropriate substitution for this loss. The PO and Royal Mail need to work together to create a parcel collection facility/service in Walworth.


3. There are concerns about the robustness of the organisation that is proposed to take on the Walworth Road Post Office owing to their apparent relatively limited experience of a busy urban Post Office. Guarantees are needed that the Post Office will a) give support to the organisation that is proposed to take over in Walworth so that they are able to take this on service successfully and b) that they are not able to walk away from the service if things get tough and leave Walworth with no post office service and that the Post Office will step in to provide support to find a replacement for them. Overall the importance of this service to the Walworth area and the fears that local people have of its loss cannot be stressed enough.


4. There are concerns at the timing and nature of this consultation. After 18 months of uncertainty, just a 6-week consultation has been undertaken at the height of the summer period with the only public discussion/interaction with people in Walworth being a drop-in session rather than the public meeting that had been promised.

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