Walworth Town Hall - Future

Our Walworth Society meeting on 6th July focuses on Southwark Council's proposals for the Walworth Town Hall. Cllr Mark Williams, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and New Homes will attend the meeting to outline Southwark's newly published plans and take questions about them. Please do come along if you can.


Walworth Society Monthly Meeting – Thursday 6th July 7pm. The meeting notes appear in the pdf attached below.


The details of Southwark's latest plans are summarised below in a recent statement (June 2017) from Cllr Williams:

Please see the note about the Town Hall from Cllr Mark Williams, Southwark Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration and New Homes below. We have invited Cllr Williams to a future Walworth Society meeting to discuss the issues around this and will of course have this as an agenda item for our 6th July meeting.

Further to our previous discussions we will be considering a report at our next cabinet meeting on the future of Walworth Town Hall. We have carefully considered the work that we carried out jointly with you last year and unfortunately we are not in a position to allocate the additional £16-20m of capital needed to refurbish the buildings. We also now faced increased pressure on our revenue budgets and would not be able to afford to run services from the buildings even if we could afford to refurbish them. We did consider whether the works could be phased but this would not save the money required.

The report going to cabinet proposes to go to market to seek an arts and/or cultural use for the building. We have decided to go down this route (as opposed to a straight forward disposal) as we want to maintain as much public access as possible and bring in a use that will add to the vibrancy of the Walworth Road and support a mixed economy in the area. We will use some of the remaining capital that we have left from the project to secure a new Newington Library, in the local area, to replace the temporary home currently in The Artworks as this project is due to complete late next year. We will hold back the remaining capital allocated to the Walworth Town Hall project to potentially assist renovation work for an arts or cultural use.

This does not affect the meanwhile temporary use for the Newington Library. For the Walworth Town Hall itself we envisage a two stage process with expressions of interest and then tender negotiations.

The link to the report that went to Cabinet (Tuesday 20th June is in the link below:



The Walworth Society made a deputation to Southwark Council's Cabinet on Wednesday 18th July to discuss the results of the survey that we had been running over the Spring in conjucntion with the Walworth Councillors and the public meeting that was held on July 6th. The text of the deputation appears in the file below along with the report of the research.

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