Walworth Society - January Meeting & 2016 Review

Happy New Year and all the best from the Walworth Society for 2017. News about our first meeting of the year this Thursday and a brief (pictorial) review of 2016.

1. Walworth Society Monthly Meeting – Thursday 5th January 7pm. Please find below the notes from our meeting on 5th January. Our next meeting is 7pm Thursday 2nd February.


2. Walworth Town Hall Redevelopment - Newington Library Building Meanwhile Use
Southwark Council is looking for a creative organisation to inhabit the Library building for a minimum of 2 years as the longer term plan for the Town Hall building continues to be developed.

For full details of the application form see



12th January 2017 - Walworth Town Hall - Update.

Below is an update from Cllr Mark Williams concerning Walworth Town Hall. Cllr Williams plans to come to a WS meeting in the near future to talk about progress on the Town Hall and the imminent meanwhile use of the Newington Library building. We will of course give full details of that meeting.

"I would like to thank you for taking part in our work last year to better understand the works needed to bring the Walworth Town Hall back into use as set out in our brief, we have found this exercise of real value and we appreciate the time that you all gave up to take part. As you may recall the best option coming out of those discussions and analysis was (in summary) to bring the library back into use, with basic structural works to the Town Hall and other buildings to allow temporary uses to take place, and for the East Wing to be renovated to 'capped services' and then either mothballed or put out to the market to find someone to bring it back into use (with the preference being for office or similar use rather than residential). Last year we set out that of the £20m budget £4m has already been spent and that to deliver the option set out above would require an additional £10m over and above what has already been committed (i.e. total budget of around £30m with more needed at a later date to complete the refurbishment of the Town Hall and other buildings). The option to deliver the full scheme worked up by Avanti is c£40m.
Following our work myself and officers presented these findings to cabinet colleagues and the senior officer team respectively. At this time there is not the additional money available in the capital programme to provide another £10m to deliver the scheme as set out above, in addition further funding would be needed to complete the works at a later point. Also with ongoing cuts to our revenue budget we need to be very mindful of the ongoing revenue costs of running services. We have therefore decided to consider the future of Walworth Town Hall as part of the council's wider capital programme which is due to be refreshed and come to cabinet in the Spring. Our capital programme is currently over committed and there is real pressure on other key projects such as our schools expansion programme to make sure we have enough school places. As part of this work we will also be reviewing the council's presence in Walworth and at the Elephant to make sure we have the best quality services available in the area.
In the meantime we are currently out to tender for meanwhile uses for the Newington Library section of the building for cultural or creative uses to get some public access and activity back on the site.
I am sorry that this is not the news you were hoping for, but we will continue to involve you all as we find a solution for this important and historic building."

3. Walworth Society - Review of 2016.

Many may not look back on with 2016 with enormous fondness but the WS had a very active and busy year and we are really grateful to all our members and people in Walworth for all their involvement. Here are just a few of the pictorial highlights of 2016.

January. Walworth Times - History of Walworth at the Coronet

February - Post Office Franchising Protest

April. Public Meeting in St Peter's Church to discuss the future of the Walworth Town Hall.

August. Re-opening of the Huntsman & Hounds PH

Summer and Autumn. High Street Challenge Animated Heritage Walks - West Walworth, East St, Walworth Road and the Old Kent Road & E&C

The Coming Year

For 2017 a big issue remains the future of the Walworth Town Hall where a decision has yet to be made about its future. With multi-billion pound developments going on around it both with Lendlease at Elephant Park and Delancey at the Elephant, it is vital for Walworth's future that we successfully make the case for the retention and refurbishment of the Town Hall.

 4. Cinema Museum - Valentine's Day Special!

Advance news from the Cinema Museum of a quirky evening on the evening of 14th February.
On the 14th of February The Cinema Museum is sponsoring and hosting a secret-cinema style event in partnership with Walking with the Wounded - a charity that helps rehabilitate wounded service personnel back into employment. All tickets sales from the evening are being donated directly to Walking with the Wounded.


If you haven’t been to the Cinema Museum yet this is a good opportunity. It is housed in the workhouse where Charlie Chaplin went as a child.

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